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  • Gmail cheat sheet Need a quick reference for the Gmail basics you've learned? Download this cheat sheet.

Collaborate better

  • Get started with Contacts Organize, review, and merge your contacts. Create personal mailing lists. Quickly send messages or calendar invitations to groups of people you contact the most, without entering their addresses individually. With Contacts, it’s easy to keep all your contact information in one place and reach several people at once.

  • Top 10 ways to have more productive conversations Are you overloaded with email conversations? Is your inbox out of control? Email is great, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you communicate more effectively and get out of conversation chaos.

  • Set up Gmail delegation (video) Whether you're someone's assistant or you're just stepping in for your manager for a week, you might need to compose and respond to messages on someone else's behalf.

Work faster

  • Choose the right inbox for you Whether you want to prioritize messages automatically (Priority Inbox), categorize email (tabbed inbox), or show several inboxes in one view (multiple inboxes), customize Gmail to fit the way you work.

  • Top 10 ways to optimize your inbox Are you lost in your inbox? Are you spending hours in a maze of folders? That sounds like a lot of work! What if your inbox was always empty, and all incoming mail were automatically labeled and sorted, so you could focus on the important stuff? Here are 10 ways to make your inbox work for you.

  • Keep track of tasks Keep track of your daily to-do list, organize multiple lists, and track important deadlines with Google Tasks. Create and update your tasks from Gmail or Calendar; they sync so your changes automatically show in both places.

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