What's New in Google Apps

What's new in Apps

Get a monthly recap of all the latest Google Apps features relevant to administrators on the Google for Work YouTube channel. You'll see video demonstrations and helpful tips from Googlers. These videos are aimed at Google Apps administrators, but are useful for anyone dealing with Google Apps from a technical perspective.

Administrator Fundamentals course

Admin Fundamentals

This self-study course familiarizes you with the basic administration tasks used to configure Google Apps. It’s part of the Google Apps Certified Administrator program. You'll watch videos, take quizzes, and complete hands-on exercises using the Google Admin console.

Deployment guides

Deployment guides

Looking for technical transition, migration, or networking guides? Head over to our deployment guides to find more details about setting up Google Apps for your organization.

Google for Work Connect Community

Google for Work Connect

Join the Google for Work Connect (GWC) community and connect with fellow Google Apps administrators. You can share best practices, access exclusive content, and connect with peers to share ideas and optimize Google Apps in your organization.

Google Apps Administrator Help Center

Help center for admins

Are you managing your Google Apps users and billing? Find Google Apps help, setup information, tips, and troubleshooters in the Google Apps Administrator Help Center.

Build your support team

Build your support team

Make managing your Google Apps account a little easier by adding another user in your organization an administrator, so you can share some the tasks. You can customize what they can do in Google Apps.

Let your users reach you easily by adding your support contact details on their sign-in page or by creating your own Help Desk.