Help your users make the switch

With Google Apps, you can become a more flexible organization that performs collaboratively, responds quickly to change, and works better together.

Change management can help your team transition to Google Apps quickly and efficiently by communicating early and providing support and training.

Use change management to:

  • Help ensure a seamless transition for your team when you switch to Google Apps
  • Address the concerns your team may have about changing what they’re used to
  • Help your team become more productive, faster

Change Management Guides

change management guides

You can use a change management approach to help ensure a seamless transition for your team when you switch to Google Apps. These guides help you motivate your team, plan your deployment, and enable technology.

Google Guides Program

Google Guides program

Provide first-level support for your team on launch day by deploying your own internally trained Google Guides. You'll set up Google Apps for this small group before your full deployment, and provide them with training and support. They'll be your first line of support for the rest of your organization.

Why it works: Google Guides make user adoption more rapid and seamless, and significantly reduce the support load on IT and Help desk staff. Peers understand each other's workflow and needs more naturally and can provide more targeted, efficient, and personal support.

Learn more and get started with the Google Guides program guide.